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The Final Cut

Incredible footage can only go so far. You need someone to put it together in a way that stays true to your story and elevates your theme. Post-production is where all of the greatest stories really come alive. And it’s where inexperienced people see them fall apart. That’s why we only work with proven editors who have worked on some big projects with tight deadlines. We want your eyes on early cuts and your approval when it’s finished. We take satisfaction knowing that when you finally see your vision come to life, you’ll be impressed. 

Cutting Your Vision

With Our Expertise


Start your post production workflow the right way. -- We provide professional video editing services and solutions including Post Supervisors, Editors, and AEs to help you achieve the ultimate cut. From selects lines and dailies to rough cuts and final deliverables, we supply vetted professionals and facilities that will bring your vision to life no matter what the genre.


With any given shot, the creative potential is endless. Polish your cut and enhance the wide spectrum of color that is captured in your footage. Change the mood of a scene or bring continuity between shots with uneven white balancing. Don’t settle for dull, flat imagery -- add the touches that will make your final cut pop off the screen.


We offer professional sound design services and solutions that cater to every genre. From scoring and sound FX to mixing and mastering -- Our team of producers will conquer your sound design needs and help bring that final deliverable one step closer. 


The need for VFX is always abundant and we’re here to help add the right magic to your scene. We’ll set your project up with a team of artists that achieve fantastic results when it comes to keying, compositing, masking, and more. Layer by layer, our creative power will energize your project.



Give your video the professional edge that it needs. Add essentials to your cut like logos, chyrons, or credits that catch the eye of your audience and blend well with the overall style. From basic to advanced, we cover the full spectrum with a non-preset approach that is customizable. 


We offer professional animation services and solutions with the right team of creative animators and designers to suit your projects needs. From 3DS Max and Cinema 4D to Maya and ZBrush, Ambient offers affordable to top tier animation. We can accommodate you to bring your vision from the page to the screen. 




The editing room is where the magic comes alive. We have access to state of the art digital post production facilities and talented professionals to guide you through the 3rd phase of your production adventure. Our resources offer stunning editing, visual effects, animation, sound design, and more. If you’re looking to evoke precise emotion with beautiful cuts that tell a compelling story and leave your audience feeling moved, you’ve come to the right place.