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Pre Production

Video pre-production is the process of gathering information to assure that a detailed schedule is set and arrangements are made for the essential elements of production. For example during pre-production, the Cast & production crew is hired, locations are scouted, stage sets are built, and project dialogue is dialed in. In the video development phase, Ambient Skies Productions structures a detailed video pre-production timeline and storyboard to illustrate the video scene by scene in it’s entirety before production initiation. In pre-production, each and every step is carried out carefully in order to create a well-planned video production.

Story Board Illustrations

Video story boards are organized by graphic layouts made by sketch artists in the pre-production process prior to shooting. This form of illustration or design helps others to visualize key scenes and to save valuable production time. If the script is in the proper form with descriptions, the director can easily visualize how to direct the flow of a motion picture, motion graphic, visual animation, or interactive media sequence.

Screen Writing / Script Composing

Video screenwriting is the art and craft of writing original structured material involving scene description and character dialogue in an organized and professional manner for mass media production such as feature films, video production, television, commercials, and so on. The screenplay is a an exclusive literary framework that is fundamentally like a musical score in the sense that the scripts are like notes intended to be performed by the artists’ talent.

Video Production

Video production is our expertise. We produce high-quality video content for any project or film, whether it be a promotional video, live event video, or even a TV Commercial. At Ambient Skies we provide our guidance in and throughout the production process for the best resulting video product that will compete with today’s leading entertainment industries. Such productions include TV Commercials, Documentaries, Corporate, Event & Web Videos, Music Videos, Motion Graphics & Animations, Short & Full Length Movies, and more.

Post Production

After gathering all information and planning a project, and acquiring all the visual elements during the shooting, it is then time for Post-production to edit everything together. In Post-Production the video is edited, production sound is refined, music tracks, scores and sound effects are composed, performed and recorded, and all computer graphics and visual effects are made. The post-production phase is often the lengthiest phase of production for reasons that creating a video takes longer than the actual shooting of the video, and can take several months to complete because it includes technical and meticulous editing with powerful software tools which vastly imroves the quality and mood of a motion picture.