One of the most important benefits you receive when you hire Ambient Skies is passion, regardless of the scope or genre.

ASP treats every client the same and we have held those same values for nearly a decade. Other than passion, ASP offers expertise, efficient execution, and positive attitudes at all times. Established in 2007 by a team of entrepreneurs and creative producers, ASP was built to provide experienced video production professionals who utilize state of the art equipment, technology, and techniques for both Entertainment and Corporate industries.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a valuable resource for video production nationwide and a company that you can trust to have %100 insured operators who use %100 insured equipment.


ASP takes pride in finding solutions that yield the best content results for your budget.

Coupled with our extensive digital marketing knowledge, our concern is always focused on a client's ROI. As ASP's team expands every year, so does our knowledge and ability to tackle larger productions.

Ambient Skies has worked with such clients as Vice Sports, M2 Pictures, Radical Media, Sharp Entertainment, Chain Camera Pictures, United Way, Nivea, Mountain View Group, Boys and Girls Club & some of the other brands highlighted below. We embrace working with new people and establishing meaningful and symbiotic relationships with new companies. It's our pleasure to see your project come to life, this is what we love to do.


At ASP, our services are broken down into three main categories:

Cameraman & Crew, Post Production & Video Production.


It's simple..

Are you looking for RAW footage to do your thing?

Or are you looking for guidance from Pre production >> video production >> post production >> video distribution?

Cameraman & Crew Hire:

Video production coordination is essential in accommodating traveling crews. If you are planning a Phoenix Video Production, our resources will provide the missing links for your next video or film. From Directors of photography, assistant camera operators, sound recordist and gaffers..

We will deliver insured equipment, operators & RAW media.

Post Production Services:

We offer post production as its own service to accommodate the wide variety of animation driven story telling. ASP stays ahead of the latest software, equipment and other post workflow trends to provide stunning results on your next video or film..

We specialize in Video Editing, Color Correction/Grading, Sound Design, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Animation.

Video Production Services:

ASP’s team of producers will work with you from pre to post by developing a strategic video production booklet for your video. Your booklet will provide a full breakdown of the project and outline results, so we can monitor those results over time. From conception to distribution, we help shape your project from the ground up.

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